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Navigating the Future of Learning: Virtual, In-Person, and Digital

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Are you torn between the allure of in-person training and the flexibility of virtual learning options? Are you trying to navigate the maze of options, deciding which path best aligns with your goals and preferences?

LPW Training presents a riveting panel discussion: Navigating the Future of Learning: Virtual, In-Person, and Digital.

Navigating the realm of employee training can feel daunting, given the plethora of options at our disposal. From traditional in-person training sessions to the flexibility of online learning, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. However, the seasoned experts on our panel are poised to provide insight into every step of the process. Let us help you gain clarity and assurance in your training strategy.

Here's a glimpse of what our esteemed panelists will be discussing:

  • Advantages and challenges of in-person versus virtual instructor-led training.
  • Crafting strategies to maximize learning outcomes and participant engagement.
  • Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences to inform your decision-making process.
  • Navigating the evolving landscape of instructor-led learning in today's digital age.

Seize this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and chart your course toward success. Reserve your spot today and unlock the secrets to your ideal learning path!

Meet Our Panelists

Lisa Smith

Learning & Development Manager

LPW Training

Nicole Rosenberger

Vice President

Information Technology Pharmaceutical Executive

Pam Morris

Director of Operations & Sales

LPW Training

Presented by

Lisa Smith
Learning and Development Manager

October 21, 2022
9:30am Pacific Time

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