Increasing Adoption with Digital Learning Tools


It’s no secret that Investment in digital tools is not a small investment. Are you investing in tools to support your learners after the initial rollout and/or launch?

We often think about the learners’ journey up until the point of getting them to and through the launch. But, we don’t always think about how we can continue to support our learners after the launch.

As a result, a few things usually happen:

  • They get frustrated and stop using the system altogether
  • Their frustration leads them to create shortcuts and form bad habits
  • They constantly ask you or another team member for help

These actions then often lead to:

  • A lack of usage
  • Bad data collection on how learners are using or engaging with the tools
  • Burnout of team members from constantly supporting others and, in turn, finding they have no time to get their own work done

Does this sound familiar? Well, there is good news! There are tools and resources that you can put in place to avoid this pattern and give your learners the support they need to use your learning systems accurately, increasing productivity company-wide.

Join us inside this pre-recorded webinar to learn about some of our favorite digital learning tools including, Digital Adoption Platforms, Knowledge Hubs/Databases to store repurposed content, and Learning Communities to lean on super users and champions.

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