Going Beyond
Point-and-Click Training


When creating engaging and successful training, utilizing point-and-click methods is not enough to ensure your users retain learning. Users need more well-rounded methods to ensure they are able to recall and put what they have learned into action.

In addition, it is crucial to ensure your investment in your chosen systems is protected. Equipping learners with more than point-and-click training can help them increase their confidence and productivity within the systems, thus allowing the company to reach the maximum return on their investment.

In this session, we will discuss creating a holistic training plan that immerses learners in your learning system and helps them quickly adapt to your system’s changes. Topics covered will include: utilizing scenario-based training, gamification that works, and blending instructor-led and eLearning together to MAXIMIZE in-person time and make it enjoyable for the learners AND trainer!

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Presented by

Kimberly O'Morrissey
Project Manager, LPW Training

February 2, 2023
11:00am Eastern Time

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